Blue the Lagoon

/Event, Video, Still Images, Stockholm, 2020

An environmentally-driven project with the goal of aiding nature through art and teamwork. The initiative took root at Blue Lagoon (Blå Lagunen) in Ekerö, Sweden, a lake that faced pollution from locals in 2020. With a shared commitment, my team and I set out to "blue the lagoon," organizing cleaning days that we documented through photos and videos. The main outcome is a video manifesto sharing the philosophy of the "to blue" movement and showcasing snippets of the cleaning process.

Our initiative garnered support, with over 15 volunteers joining us. To date, we have undertaken two expeditions, and my vision is to expand this movement to other locations.

Starting Point

The blue lagoon (blå lagunen, Ekerö, Sweden) was teeming with people when we first visited on a sultry summer day. A hidden gem that had become incredibly popular among Stockholmers looking to replace a proper holiday experience with something local. I couldn't wrap my mind around the duality I faced—a lake with turquoise, transparent water, and an endless amount of trash on the way to it, scattered all over the place. It was surreal, and we kept saying it out loud. Activate your rich imagination, and you can almost recreate scenarios of someone's enjoyable weekend just by looking at the leftovers. Here, you could find remnants of a date with pizza and bubbles, and ten meters away, the potential remnants of a birthday gathering with a multitude of plastic cups, plates, and even balloons. Oh yes, and a person so charmed by the idea of skinny dipping that his Star Wars boxers now hang forever on a nearby tree.

The Process

After the initial trial expedition with only two participants, my creative partner and I initiated an open call via social media, inviting our communities to join and spread the word. On the chosen day, we facilitated participants' arrival, distributed cleaning tools, and organized a celebratory program to make the day both enjoyable and collaborative. Throughout the entire process, we filmed the main video manifesto, capturing behind-the-scenes footage to complement the narrative.


Creative partner: Jieun Lee
Extended team: Maja Lindström, Annie Purnell, Alina Mio Borg