Break the Ice

/Installation, 2019

An immersive experience designed to encourage participants to collaborate with each other. The concept originated from my personal experience of navigating a heartbreak, carrying the underlying message that, as humans, our strength is amplified when we come together.

Two strangers enter a dark room where only one wall is illuminated by a life-size projection of an ice heart with a four-minute countdown below. The animation of the heart continuously melts. Participants have to decipher clues hidden throughout the space to prevent the heart from disappearing. If, in the process, they discover foiled panels shaped like human hands and press them simultaneously while holding each other's hands, the heart will be saved.

The climax of the experience 

Full animation consisting out of two parts:melting and blooming 

Starting Point 

The shared challenge of the exhibition was to contemplate the fading human connection that many of us feel is lacking in the world. As humanity advances in creating a future world based on AI and highly technological solutions, there is a growing sense that we are losing our way in truly connecting with each other. The intention behind the exhibition was to create an environment that would enable participants to feel the significance of being together and collaborating.


To create the experience, aluminum panels were crafted and shaped in the form of hands as a visual cue. The panels were connected to the computer via MakeyMakey, an electronic device that facilitates connecting everyday objects to software. The final step to complete the loop involved human participation. By touching both panels simultaneously, participants closed the electrical circuit, triggering a change in the animation from melting to blooming in the software.

Briefing participants before the start of the experience


Space: GLTCH exhibition

Animation: Lowe Edlund
Extended Team: Annie Purnell
Technical Assistance: Stefano D'Alessio