String of Connection 

/Photography Experiment, 2022

A series of emotive and unstaged group portraits born out of a photography experiment aiming to capture a human bond through the use of physical props. Employing a 10-meter-long silver string as a tool, I encouraged eight models to connect with each other while standing in the circle back shoulder to shoulder. The participants had only one attempt and several minutes to get tangled with the prop. 

The project provided me with insights into around working with a large group of people in a limited amount of time and within challenging surroundings.

Starting point

In summer 2022, I applied with my photography to be a participant at Hybrida, the short art residency in Sweden. My initial idea was to host an experimental photoshoot with other artists while employing the body-paint and other props to create a connection between them.


My workshop kicked off with a candid conversation with all the participants where we checked-in and aligned on the desired sentiment that we wanted to convey on the photos. Initially, I planned to use the silver string as a warm up tool. At first, I suggested participants to play around with it tangling each other’s hands. Then we moved to the second part where I placed my models in the circle and they had freedom to find their own unique way of connecting themselves with the rest. The third part consisted of the experiment with the body paint that I didn’t include in the final body of work due to not being satisfied with the output.



Since I had a very limited amount of time and the weather conditions were very challenging (around 30 degrees on the sun), I couldn’t use the body paint as I planned. On the contrary, the use of the silver string as a simple prop helped me to create an intriguing scene and give my models an agency to express what they felt at the current moment.

Remaining Questions

How can I facilitate a better environment for using body paint?
How can I give my models more agency?